How Important People Act Seminar

You may not be very senior in your business or profession, but if your boss asks you to chair a committee, to attend a public meeting, to sit on a nonprofit board, or to travel overseas on business, you will … Continued

Leadership Lessons Great and Small Seminar

The first half of the course draws major lessons from the lives of leading figures of the 20th century in the United States and abroad who had to overcome obstacles of various kinds on their way to leadership. These include … Continued

Republican Values Need a Champion

Houston Chronicle

Having worked since 1961 to build the modern Republican Party of Texas, I care about the Republican brand now and into the far future, during and past the presidency of Donald Trump. I should disclose that I backed Jeb Bush … Continued

The Special Relationship

On Board Queen Mary 2 When a balloon of Donald Trump as a baby sailed over London at the time of the President’s official visit to Britain last month, many observers saw it as symbolic of a severely-deteriorated Anglo-American relationship. … Continued