One Wonderful Job


Before I assumed my new duties at Voice of America in August 1991, Diana and I took a brief vacation in her Wyoming homeland.  While we were there, reactionary elements in Moscow tried to oust Mikhail Gorbachev, who was on … Continued

Cadwallader Cuticle

Inside Reagan's Navy

My car took me to the officers club at Bethesda for a dinner for the department heads of all naval hospitals. In my remarks, I spoke of Cadwallader Cuticle, the sawbones surgeon aboard USS Neversink in Melville’s White Jacket: Surrounded by moans … Continued

Aboard the USS Constitution

Inside Reagan's Navy

On this day, the restored Statue of Liberty was rededicated by President Reagan in a gala event that featured an in-gathering of naval vessels from around the world, many of them full-rigged “tall ships.” I could have gone but jumped … Continued