The Special Relationship

On Board Queen Mary 2 When a balloon of Donald Trump as a baby sailed over London at the time of the President’s official visit to Britain last month, many observers saw it as symbolic of a severely-deteriorated Anglo-American relationship. … Continued

Why Do They Act That Way?

Amegy Bank, Houston

I have been invited to give you today a review of the world’s trouble spots. This is what the snooty foreign-policy types like to call a tour d’horizon. Such folk always like to sprinkle in a foreign word or phrase; … Continued

International Trade

Southwest Regional Economic Forecast - Temecula, California

This forum is billed as an “economic forecast”, which implies looking ahead. But I hew to the view of the late, great Yogi Berra, who said, “It’s always hard to predict anything, especially the future.” It’s safer to talk about … Continued

A Personal Journal

Bush Library

In her column in the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan once told of a dinner she attended in the Family Quarters of the White House during the first President and Mrs Bush’s time there. Peggy wrote: I sat near Dick … Continued

Remarks on the Decommissioning of USS KAUFFMAN (FFG-59)

Norfolk Naval Station

This ceremony has special poignancy for those of us who attended both the launching of KAUFFMAN in 1986 and her commissioning a year later. KAUFFMAN was one of many ships that went down the ways in those great years for … Continued