How Important People Act Seminar

You may not be very senior in your business or profession, but if your boss asks you to chair a committee, to attend a public meeting, to sit on a nonprofit board, or to travel overseas on business, you will suddenly become important to the people you meet. To them, you will be your company or firm. When this happens, you need to act differently than you normally do.

In an informal and fun atmosphere, Ambassador Chase Untermeyer shares valuable tips and techniques on how to act in public. These include how to make conversation with total strangers at a reception or banquet; how to sit on stage; how to give a talk; how to attend a funeral or other solemn occasion; how to take a tour; how to run a meeting; how to deal with the press; and how best to represent your company or firm in another country and culture.

Unlike professional training programs on “motivation” and “leadership” that speak in generalities, the “How Important People Act” seminar arms you with dozens of very practical things you can start using immediately to act with confidence and competence in public.

Past audiences have included:

  • Reliant Energy
  • the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston
  • the Offshore Technology Conference “Next Wave” (young professionals in the energy sector)
  • the Ismaili Center of the Greater Houston area
  • the Asian Chamber of Commerce of Houston
  • the Honors College of the University of Houston
  • the West Houston Teen Leadership Summit
  • the Michael F. Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma
  • passengers on the transatlantic liner Queen Mary 2



Training can be tailored to the occasion: from a luncheon talk to a full morning presentation.

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